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About Us


The first of its kind meat procurement facility in Uttarakhand state, The Kukkad- provides you the raw material for dishes in its best possible form at your doorstep. The idea envisaged by a group of visionary entrepreneurs, assures that you get the hygenic, farm-fresh products at affordable price. Getting the hygienically processed meat of the best breed in its natural form was a difficult task in this hilly state earlier.  With the significant range of staple meat products, the Kukkad bridges this gap and gets you the experience of fresh meat without the involvement of harmful chemicals at any stage.

Good food- The basic necessity:

            Being out of alternatives to explore for getting better foodstuffs and the hectic schedules of the busy lifestyle compel us to settle for the status quo. We are constrained to consume whatever is available to us, irrespective of its quality and form. All these have ruined the pleasure of a luscious, delectable and mouthwatering meal. The Kukkad planned to transform the scenario and pledged to provide reasonably priced meat to all residents of Uttarakhand, in its cleanest and the healthiest form. We believe that howsoever the technology develops and whatever facilities of storage we can get, but nothing can get the better of nutrition and taste of food in its natural form. Get those good old days back and relish the amazing taste, aroma and softness, all which were lost of chemical processing and lack of fresh stuff.



Assured quality:

            Avoiding the local slaughterhouses and butchers, we have collaborations with clean and certified farms only. Instead of storing and preserving it with chemicals, we provide it directly to your table from such farms with high-end cold chain supply. They preserve it at optimum temperature without freezing and preserve the nutrition along with fresh tenderness in a natural way.  Also, a strong network and chain of dedicated workers assure the fastest delivery in a few hours without any additional cost.


The difference:

            The meat which we used to purchase from local shops and slaughterhouses hitherto was too much processed. Firstly the animals were raised in filthy conditions lacking even basic amenities. To counter the infections and to enhance the shelf life, they were treated with antibiotics and many other chemicals that are not excreted out completely. They used to accrue in the flesh of them and indirectly affected us. We procure eggs and chickens from those farms under constant monitoring regarding the health of birds. Unlike other local shops that get them from anywhere and diseases (if any) in the chicken of hen go unnoticed.  For quite long we had been confiding to these sources but now The Kukkad has revolutionized the complete picture in Uttarakhand. We have collaborations with the certified and reliable farms having good work ethics. Our tagline “Eat Differently” is not just a verbal, colloquial statement but a deep-rooted, groundbreaking ideology at which we strive every day to get you the stuff with wholesome goodness.