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Legal Disclaimer

1. Contract initiation:

            (a) As per the Section 11of the Indian Contract Act, 1872- “A person is competent to take part in a contract only if he/she has attained the age of 18 years” (Statement truncated to get the main point). So every e-commerce platform sets 18 years as the minimum age limit to sign up and can contract. From “The Kukkad “persons of or above 18 years of age only are eligible to order.

            (b)Terms & Conditions will come into effect when a person places an order. The cancellation or order/orders and suspension of the account are at the discretion of The Kukkad.

            (c) Though an e-mail regarding placement of order is generated and send to the customer as he purchase a stuff but the legal bindings/ contract will be established only when our product is delivered to the person concerned.


2. Site Contents:

            (a) Graphics, media options, frame, templates and product description are for the convenience of customers. Any other use of these graphics along with re-production of content for other commercial use will lead to legal consequences. 

            (b)  Framing techniques for enclosure of Logo, Trademarks themes styles and other information are against the law. 


3. Customer’s undertakings:

(a) A person using our site will have to order the stuff for lawful purpose only, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

(b) It is customer’s responsibility to provide the correct contact and correspondence information. The customer will be held responsible for any emergency or undesired situation arising due to wrong piece of information. The Kukkad will not be held responsible for any such crisis.

(c) Customer disseminating unlawful objects or harping to objectionable activities will get their account suspended. 


4. Other Specifications:

            (a) The Kukkad reserves the right to modify the website, policies and conditions at any time but the customer’s contract shall prevail in the same form as at the time of purchase.

            (b) Though utmost care is taken in the product information, image and description but we are not liable for any inaccuracy. Shape and color may differ from the representative image.

            (c) Customer having contracted is liable to receive promotional messages and mails. If they want to stop this subscription then they can contact us.

            (d) It is prudent for the customer to inform us about the concern regarding the product quality on the same day.

(e) We reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions of an offer even without prior notice. In such cases the decision of The Kukkad will be considered final.