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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy delineates the usage and confidentiality of the information you share with our site. Here along with providing the best possible stuff, we make sure that your privacy is protected as well. When information is produced by your side, it is processed in accordance with policy. The actual statement and rules may change from time to time but ethics are always for the safety of the user. For any information or the updates in policy, this page must be checked on.


Information we collect:

For the sake of providing our services, we tend to seek the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Complete location
  • Other information related to offers and reviews

Along with these, when you browse our online store, we automatically receive your IP address to gather data about browser, operating system, and location.



Benefits of this information:

These statistics are beneficial in improving our services which makes our site more efficient. E-mail marketing (only after your consent) makes you receive new offers & product information through the mail. Sometimes this information is also used for market research purposes.



As usual, we also use cookies to improve the shopping experience.  A cookie is a small file which enables the permission to be installed on your hard drive. These cookies allow web applications to interact with you as an individual. Then that information is personalized as per your preferences. 



We dedicatedly ensure that all the information you produce is 100% secure and monitor this time to time.  The payment card details furnished are also encrypted and made of utmost secure by state of the art security facilities (***Name of the technology to be implemented for this purpose must be named here***.) We do not store the payment card details with us.

External links:

Sometimes our site may contain a link to other sites. If these links have been used to get at their sites then it’s out of our purview to control their actions. We are not responsible for the differences in privacy policy exercised by those sites. One must be cautious and read their privacy policy for better knowledge about the external site in doubt.

Information through Google Analytics is also used here to check which pages are being looked at most.

Control over information to be shared:

*****This will depend upon the admins how do they execute this task*****Not much information available at this moment. *****