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Return Policy

you contact us for order Cancellations and return via mail and, call-6262737352
If you want to cancel your order, then you can cancel it by using the same method you ordered, keep in mind that all these operations should be completed within just 2 hours because our  Return and cancellation policy is only available for 2 hours
If the product is to be exchanged or the order is to be cancelled then the following points are to be considered:
As per our policy and the commitment to provide the meat in utmost goodness, we are selling only fresh raw meat product not frozen so our return policy only for 2 hourse If 2 hours have passed by your purchase then we can’t provide a refund or exchange of it. 
If the item is not used and is in the same condition as purchased along with the same packaging conditions, then only the customer is eligible for exchange or refund. This means that the original packaging must not be distorted anyhow.
Receipt of payment or other proofs of purchase is to be produced for return. Failing to this will lead to disqualification of the application of results.
After getting the product, our team will inspect the package completely. The buyer will be acknowledged for the information via message and call. Once the package passed the criteria for return, the refund process will be initiated and the customer will be informed of that as well. The credit for the returned order will be applied to the original method/ process adopted for payment purposes.
(i) Check the bank account again as sometimes it may take more time than usual for crediting after the refund processed from our end.
(ii) After checking the account, one may seek information from the bank concerned to know if there is any irregularity hindering the transaction.
(iii) If all is found to be well and good and still payment is getting deferred, then one can contact us as well 
(a) Via mail at or 
(b) Telephone: 6262737352
Exceptional cases are there as well, where the partial refunds are granted at the discretion of The Kukkad. These may include:
(i) The original condition of the product has been altered anyhow.    
(ii)A part of the product has been taken out and used.
Any other grievance related to return or refund (Total/ Partial) will be addressed as per the discretion of “The Kukkad “ and it will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused due to not adhering to the instruction of bank/payment gateway during the transaction.